Friday, May 22, 2020

Happiness Anxiety?

Okay guys, this may be a potentially very deep post, but here I go.

I just had a realisation, that I think a lot of you may benefit from hearing: Happiness causes me anxiety.

So, I have noticed recently that when I get really excited, I start feeling really anxious. I mean, it makes sense right? Your body goes through a lot of the same physiological changes when you are excited, regardless of whether that excitement is positive or negative.

Your heart rate increases, you might shake, some people might cry. Either way, a lot of these feelings are similar to anxiety symptoms.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I am diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which means that I basically worry A LOT. Thankfully, it's very well managed now.

Well, in the last couple of years or so, I had a really bad bout of health anxiety. I basically spent the best part of 6 months worried that I was going to die of a heart attack. I think the health anxiety was triggered by the death of our family dog. I was in the room when he died, although it was extremely peaceful, I think I found it too much. He died of old age and he was definitely ready. But I still found it too much. I'm still figuring out why.

Anyway, after realising that I was basically trying to tell my body to calm down. Much like I used to do when I was anxious. I let it go. I relaxed my muscles and I allowed myself to feel it.

(This is some of the best advice I got towards helping my anxiety btw, I read it in a book. So I'll do my best to remember what book it was so I can share it with you guys)

And then it hit me: Happiness.

Then I thought to myself "Damn I wish I had figured this out sooner" and then I ran to my laptop so I could share it with you guys. I hope this helps.

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