Monday, May 25, 2020

Honey trashed the house...

Ok, so if you haven't already, go check out this video so you can get an idea of the type of mess I came home to....

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So after coming home to that and taking it for what it was and all that it should be, an indication that Honey is not ready to be left with full run of the house yet, but then I thought about it more...

Honey is very good in her crate, but I mean, of course she would be, she can't get access to anything, right?

Well, that was my thought, but then I realised she has also been left with full run of the kitchen with access to shoes while we've been gone and she was fine. No chewed shoes. Nothing.

Then it dawned on me: Honey had access to A LOT of shoes while we were gone, but she only went for mine. Not only that, but she also went for the pair that I had worn the most recently i.e. the ones with my scent. I have not worn any of the shoes in the kitchen for a while now since they're all winter-y type shoes...

Eureka, right?! RIGHT?!

Maybe, just maybe, the reason why she is chewing my shoes is because they have my scent and that comforts her. I mean that's not farfetch'd. It's pretty common knowledge that dogs have a thing for dirty underwear, more specifically the one that their favourite human typically wears.


I thought about the fact that some owners may go home to that and tell their dog off and I felt myself get sad. Imagine your dog finding comfort in something that smells of you, for you to then come home and tell them off for (to them) no apparent reason at all

(Unless you catch your dog doing the thing you don't want them to do, punishing them is literally pointless - they have no idea what you are punishing them for)

Instead, and I admit I probably shouldn't have, I had a little cuddle with Honey and then moved on with it. I'll take it for what I can only describe it as: Love... and the knowledge that Honey is not ready to have full run of the house yet.

To really test this, though, I am going to leave her in the kitchen when we next go out for a similar amount of time with a pair of shoes that I have recently worn. I'll wear a pair I don't mind being ruined and then plant it in there.


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