Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How my dog feels when we train is important to me

One of the labels I would assign myself with is the label of "crossover trainer"

This term basically refers to someone who has previously used aversive training methods, but now employs the use of positive reinforcement but that does not mean I would class myself as a positive only or force free trainer.

I am a behaviourist, first, and a trainer, second, which means that, in exceptional cases, I may use punishment.

Either way, I noticed earlier on today that Honey sometimes gets anxious when it come to our training. Our past stressful training sessions where I have gotten frustrated, or sometimes even angry, have negatively affected her. Go figure.

So, today I focused on improving her emotional response to our training sessions by giving her time and patience all while keeping it positive. It wasn't easy, I'll be honest, but we did it and the progress was huge!

Just a few more training sessions like that and we'll be dandy I think.

If you wanna check out the videos of the progress and find out more details then go to my Instagram @c3dbatofficial

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