Friday, May 22, 2020

My cockapoo vendetta

Okay so what is it with the majority of cockapoos that I meet and their owners? I mean, seriously?

Before I start, I wanna say that I do know of and have met amazing cockapoo owners, so please don't don't take this personally because this may not apply to you but...

I have a bit of a vendetta against cockapoos.

I've kept a lid on it up until now, but after a situation that happened on my evening walk,  I have to let it out.

While on a training walk with Honey this evening, this little cockapoo started running over to Honey, who was in heel, so to ensure she didn't get surprised by this dog, I decided to release her so she didn't feel any sort of pressure to stick with me while this dog was about to approach us.

So what did Honey do?

She chased this dog off and came straight back into heel position. Now, I've never seen her chase off another dog EVER. But this undoubtedly was a BACK OFF because as soon as the dog moved away from us, she came straight back, she showed no signs of wanting to play.

I was incredibly proud of her for doing this actually, because I want her to be able to tell other dogs when she's had enough or she doesn't want to get involved. She was extremely controlled in her actions and handled herself exceptionally well.

Anyway, so we ended up coming into the vicinity (Well, I say vicinity, we were still pretty far away) of the cockapoo again as I was about to send Honey for a memory retrieve. I thought it would stay away but it was straight back over to us and kept on trying to sniff Honey's butt. Honey was sat down and did not move. She kept herself in position despite this dog's attempts

So I realised I HAD to step in and do something. Honey was doing her part and staying in position so I had to do my part and keep this dog away from her. It was clear she didn't want it near her, so what did I do?

I start body blocking this dog. I move around Honey in a very close circle, literally thwarting every attempt this cockapoo makes to get to her. I needed to step up here. I needed to step in and show Honey that I've got her. I've got her back.

Meanwhile, the class A idiot of an owner, FINALLY gets up to come and get the dog, despite it being VERY clear neither Honey or I wanted it near us. I was mad. God. I really wanted to flip out and have a go at her, but my priority was Honey. If I freaked out at the other owner, Honey would've got freaked out. Not good.

Anyway, so this stupid cow comes over and finally puts her dumb dog back on the lead. I tell her I'm clearly trying to train and she walks away with attitude. Did I say she was a stupid cow?

Now, it is obvious by my little story that this woman was an absolute fool. But time and time again I keep meeting cockapoos with similar bad habits in one way or another, because people buy them for their looks.

Most people don't realise that cockapoos are INCREDIBLY intelligent and need a lot of mental stimulation. I mean you have the 2nd most intelligent breed - the poodle - crossed with a cocker spaniel. Say no more.

People buy these, what I call, glorified mongrels for a ridiculous price. Dogs that have probably been puppy farm bred (cockapoos are notoriously known for coming from puppy farms) and then they just seem to terrorise everything and everyone.

Really, if I'm being honest, my issue is with the type of owner that buys these "breeds" for the complete wrong reasons, rather than the dogs themselves, but this has really tainted my view of the "breed" as a whole.

Like I said before I went into this whole spiel, there are exceptions to this, of course there are. In fact I know a few cockapoos that are brilliant. Again, down to the owners, but the majority, are absolute menaces and their owners are just as bad.

Regardless, Honey handled the situation like an absolute pro. She did not move an inch, and as soon as the dog was away, she went straight for the retrieve. That is why I had to make it my ABSOLUTE priority that I held up my part of the bargain by body blocking this dog and ensuring it did not get to her.

I don't care how it might have looked. This was my priority. Hopefully the stupid cockapoo learnt something from the ordeal too.

Rant over.

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