Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The project in a nutshell (UPDATED)

I had no idea what to write for the first post, but then I figured it probably makes sense to explain what this project is, why I'm doing it and why I'm sharing it.

It may sound extremely lame to some (although I know a lot of you reading this blog love this stuff coz you are all awesome), but I really like science. Especially when it comes to behaviour. Human or animal.

Basically: Why does that thing do that thing when these other things are happening? Or some other variation on that...


After not making the most of my time while studying for my Bachelor's and Master's (and my PGCE tbf...), I would talk to my sister - who is studying to become a doctor - and feel ENVIOUS whenever she would talk about the essays she's writing or the topics she's studying. Then, when I found out someone else I know was doing a PhD, I was like "OK. I have to find something to do"

Over the last couple of months or so, I've had a few ideas, but nothing that ever stuck.

Then, one day, while I was coming out of a low spell mentally, I realised after doing a training session with my dog (Honey), I felt happier. So I wanted to test it.

The question I will be exploring is: "Does training a dog using positive reinforcement increase overall happiness for handler?"

I will be using the Subjective Happiness Scale (Lepper & Lyubomirsky, 1999) to record my happiness at 2 points during the day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. At the same time, I will also be tracking whether I've trained that day or not and how well each session went out of 10 (1 being crap and 10 being amazing, basically)

Of course there are A LOT of grey areas in a study like this, and I will be doing my best to eliminate them as much as possible.

In addition to satisfying my need to get my "science on", this study also has other aims:

1. It should help improve my dog training.

Since I am doing an experiment that is focused around the use of positive reinforcement, I will need to ensure that all training sessions maintain a high standard of positive dog training. If a training session, for any reason, begins to fall away from this standard then the training will be stopped. Details will be recorded in all cases. To further help maintain a high standard, I will be planning my training sessions which should also help improve my training.

2. Encourages me to be more self aware.

Since I will be exploring my own emotions on a daily basis, this study should (by proxy) make me more self aware. Something we should all strive for. 

So far I have sharing the early stages of this project through my Instagram (@c3dbatofficial) and a lot of you seemed pretty interested, so I thought a blog was the best way forward for this! Of course I will be still be sharing progress on my Instagram, but it won't be nowhere near as detailed than here.

So if you're interested, then keep an eye on this blog page and my Instagram as that's where I'll be sharing this stuff!

- Ce xoxo


God. I am so fickle sometimes.

After a bit of a think, I've decided to restart the project because I realised that I haven't been feeling great these last few days and I also haven't done any sort of training over the last few days.

I mean, I have been working with people and their dogs, but I haven't done any formal training with Honey. And i miss it.

The project actually kept me a bit more on track and also gave me some crucial reflection time, and i really don't want to miss out on that, so I've decided to revive it.

I have completely wiped the previous results so I can start fresh and be a bit more disciplined with it. I've also changed how I plan to record the results ever so slightly so it's less effort for me to input the results.

Instead of recording details of each training session, I will now only be recording whether I've trained or not on a specific day and how well that training session went out of 10.

I really wanna see this project through, especially because I've noticed a drop in my mood since stopping.

Hold me accountable please, guys! I need it!